Many of the images on this website are avaiialbe as reproductions for sale.  Currently, I'm selling inkjet reproductions printed from two printers--an Epson 2200 for color reproduction and an Epson 2400 for B&W reproduction.  All signed reproductions will be printed on long-lasting luster papers made by Epson or Red River, depending on paper sizes available.  In addition, I may offer photographs reproduced on matte or fine art papers--which will be clearly indicated by mutiple purchase options.

I accept Paypal, checks and money orders. Reproductions and prints may be purchased through the website cart linked to Paypal or by contacting me by e-mail and sending a payment directly to my Paypal account (using my e-mail address).

All reproductions are rolled between soft sheets of paper in stout mailing tubes, with 3 or 4 inch diameters and caps, depending on numbers of prints ordered and where being shipped.  Within the US, shipping is by Priority US Mail.  Outside the US, shipping is by 1st Class International Mail, the least expensive option for shipping to foreign countries.  All orders outside the US will be double-boxed (the tube placed in an 18 inch long 4x4 or 6x6 inch, rectagular box).  All reproduction on thicker fine art papers will be rolled in larger, 4 inch mailing tubes.

I offer combined shipping for multiple orders and a gradual price discount of items with larger number orders (by reducing shipping costs).  Please note that books and reproductions must be sent in separate packages, so please order books independently.

I'm also selling original hand-printed stone lithographs, not to be confused with the inkjet reproductions.  And I'm offering participation in a personal art project, selling original drawings and paintings for my Mudpie Project.  Also, I do have a good collection of original pastel and graphite artwork on hand which is availble for sale, about which you are welcome to inquire.  As preparation for being quoted something approaching real money for my more finished original artwork, I'll mention I generally ask between $500.00 and $3,000.00 for the pastel and graphite illustrations, depending on the work's size and complexity.

If you see something on this website not offered as a reproduction, but might want a copy of, just inquire--I'd be glad to reproduce at actual size (or near so) and appropriate cost any drawings, sketches, doodles, etc.  A few illustrations and all of the movie-related storyboard, preliminary and design work shown are not available for reproduction.

As a return policy, items may be returned intact at buyer's shipping expense if not as described.  Original artwork may be returned intact at buyer's shipping expense within 10 days of being received if purchase is followed by overwhelming buyer's remorse.



No images on this website are to be copied and used for distribution, reproduction or commercial purposes, without first contacting me and obtaining permission.  I'm glad to make my work available for non-commercial, educational purposes.  I offer reasonable license fees for reproduction in books, publications, exhibits and appropriate projects.